Settling back into ‘life as a teacher’

I’ve been back at school for just over a week and people keep saying “I bet you feel like you haven’t been away?”  I definately feel like I have been away but it’s amazing how quickly you settle back into old routines.  The response since I got back has been fantastic and it was clear that people were following my progress and wishing me well even though I didn’t speak to them.  Some people looked exceptionally surprised (and disappointed) when they saw me and realised that I still have all my fingers and toes and have no real ailments.  I thought I would have more time to myself now that the expedition is over but I was wrong. I’ve been busy doing interviews and giving talks and presentations.  I am heading to Sheffield University next week with my samples and I will plan how to get school students into the university to help with analysis.  I have finalised details of the ecological footprint and hope to develop some resources fairly soon.  We’ve been on Channel 5 News last week and there is a chance I will be on Yorkshire TV next week.  The programme for Teachers TV is due out in March so the pressure is on to get resources developed in time for that.  Also, we are presenting some of our findings at the Scott Polar Research Institute in Cambridge in March so it’s fairly busy. I’ve had a chance to read through lots of the questions and jokes and come to a decision for the competitions.  The prize for the best question goes to Silvan in Y7.  Silvan actually emailed several good questions including some about how to work out the local time.  One of the posters in my classroom says “The best learners ask the best questions” and I keep stressing to students that it isn’t about knowing the right answer, it’s about asking the right question.  The prize for the best joke goes to Georgia with her mathematical joke (see jokes page).  All the jokes made me laugh but this was one that I hadn’t heard before and I thought it was clever. Also, I read it at a time when I was quite low (tired, cold, fed up) so it made me laugh and raised my spirits. You both need to see me to get your prize – as a clue it’s fluffy and penguin like. The next blog entry will be when I have more science results.

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  1. Hi Ruth, can you let us know when we can expect to see your adventure on the tv. Followed your progress on the blog now want to see what it was really like out there. Cheers.

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