Training – Norway

If you can read this text there is a problem with embedding the map of where we did our Norway training. Click here to view it in google maps.

We trialed our science and communications in Norway on the Austerdalsbreen Glacier in August 2007.  Testing the Communications on the ferry to Norway

Amy and Ian look on as Steve tries to get the sat phone working.  The large metal wall of the ship seems to be making it difficult!

Arrival in Bergen, Norway 

Arrival by ferry in Norway, 28 hours after leaving North Shields

Crossing a fjord in Norway 

Sunset across a fjord

Ian sorts out his blisters... before it's too late 

The walk onto the glacier. Ian stops to sort out his blisters, before it’s too late.

Crossing a mountain stream 

Carrying the laptop over a mountain stream on the way to our campsite

U-shaped Valley and braided river 

Beautiful scenery of the U-shaped valley

Carolyn on the Austerdalsbreen glacier 

Carolyn, the expedition leader

Tents on the Ice 

Our camp on the glacier

Amy and Ruth enjoying a cuppa in the tent 

Ruth and Amy enjoy a cuppa in the tent – their home while in Antarctica

Phil using the anemometer 

Phil using the anemometer to measure the wind speed on the glacier.

Ruth on the Austerdalsbreen Glacier 

Ruth on the Austerdalsbreen Glacier

Phil on the Austerdalsbreen Glacier 

Phil on the Austerdalsbreen Glacier

Ruth cooking yummy food 

Ruth putting her cookery skills to the test!!

Amy visits the tent 

Amy coming to check out Ruth’s cooking skills!!

Ruth and her home on the glacier 

Ruth outside her home!

Carl prepares for crevasse rescue 

Crevasse rescue training – filmed by Teachers TV.

Caught on camera... crevasse rescue training 

Richard the camera man gets in on the action

Carl is rescued from a crevasse 

Carl is rescued

A fjord 

Relax and enjoy the scenery on the way home

The Team in Norway 

The team pose in front of The Antarctica, docked in Bergen, Norway.