One to watch! Antarctica Week on Teachers TV

As part of Antarctica Week (31st March – 6th April), Teachers TV is featuring the Fuchs Foundation Antarctic Expedition.  As well as the expedition itself, the films follow our preparations including fundraising and training. Also, there are four Antarctica-related pupil programmes, featuring footage and video diaries from our expedition, which cover science, geography and citizenship at different key stages.  You can watch them on Teachers TV or online by following the links below.

Sub-Zero Teachers – Preparing for Antarctica

The episode follows our preparation for this once in a lifetime experience and includes includes fundraising and training sessions on Europe’s largest ice-cap in Norway. Click here to watch it.  

Sub-Zero Teachers – Surviving in Antarctica

In this programme, we come to terms with living in gruelling conditions of -65 degree temperatures and how we can complete our science projects in such a harsh environment. Click here to watch it.

A Future in the Balance

This programme is designed to encourage discussion in citizenship lessons.  It is a pupil programme that explores the key political and environmental issues that continue to surround Antarctica. Click here to watch it.  

Science Teachers in the Freezer

Why is the continent of Antarctica perfect for scientific research? Find out by watching two of our science experiments.  Click here to watch it.

Geography Teachers in the Freezer

Using case studies from both Norway and Antartica, this pupil programme explores the geology of glaciers and reveals the many challenges of undertaking fieldwork in extreme climates.  Click here to watch it.

Teachers in the Freezer

This programme demonstrates how humans are able to live in Antarctica. What is the climate like, and what does it take to live in the harshest conditions on the planet?  Click here to watch it.

Some great programmes and teaching resources so get watching.

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  1.   Paul T Says:

    Hey, When will you post the results from your carbon footprint about what was used while you were away – and if it was more or less than when you’re at home, taking into account the flights.
    Are you all more conscious of it now that you are home? Have you made improvements in your home life to reduce the amount of travelling that you do to compensate for those long haul flights by using the car less to commute to and from work?

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