Punta Arenas

20071218theteachersdepartantarctica.jpgAfter 39 days on the ice we have finally arrived back in Punta Arenas. It was a close call as I woke to strong winds which blew snow over Amy’s footsteps in a matter of minutes. She got up to take a call at 5.30am from the Leister Mercury and reported back that the atmosphere was tense in the mess tent but that they were hopeful for a flight. I went to experience the atmosphere myself and sipped on a cup of coffee as people paced up and down, ran their fingers through their hair and watched as anyone came through the door – waiting for the crucial decision. At 9.30am we were told that the Ilyushin was in the air with an ETA of 13.05. Hurray!! Now that I am back in Punta, it is a fantastic feeling to have my feet back on tarmac and know that I will be back home in time for Xmas. However, I was sad as I packed up my tent for the last time. It had been my home and safe haven for the last 37 nights, providing shelter and relative warmth, and I couldn’t have wished for a better tent partner. We said our farewells to the ALE staff and other clients who we have come to know well over the past eight days of delay. I will miss their company, humour and endless string of stories of life, love and adventure all over the world. As we touched down in Punta and the doors of the plane opened I smelt the rain – the first in over 40 days. I then had the pleasant experience at the airport of sitting on a proper toilet and later the first shower for 40 days! Tomorrow we will start heading back to the UK and all being well arriving back at Heathrow on Friday afternoon/evening. Happy birthday today to Eliot 13BB and Eleanor 11DO

4 Responses to “Punta Arenas”

  1.   Amanda Smith Says:

    Hooray!!! Congratulations to you all. Really looking forward to seeing you over Christmas. Enjoy sleeping in a bed tonight!
    Amanda & James xx

  2.   Susan Lutton Says:

    Yeah – so glad you are going to make it home for Christmas and for your New Years Eve bash. Have a safe trip home.
    Susan xo

  3.   Ian & anna Says:

    Brilliant!! We’re all so glad you’re back in Chile safely & hope the journey home & tests go well. Have a good Xmas.

  4.   trevor & denise Says:

    Great you are on the way back Ruth >should be much rejoicing in Ballyclare that you’ll be home for Christmas & what we’ve come to call Bert’s Big Bash

    Trevor x

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